Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Let's deal with our own 'Trumps'

Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For the past year, the world, including Jamaica, has been fixated on the American political process. The rise of Donald Trump has been both entertaining and shocking.

Many Jamaicans have expressed disgust with this man. Trump's views appear to be very extreme. One can recall this man stating that a woman should be punished for aborting an unwanted pregnancy. In essence, this is a stance against a woman's right to control her reproductive health and the right to live her life as she chooses. Most Jamaicans claim to be absolutely against this idea. However, what are our own policies on this matter here in Jamaica?

Don't you think it is highly hypocritical of our society to criticise Trump for his banter but not place the same accountability on our local officials? Early this year, a notable Government official called another a Jezebel and sent other sexist remarks her way. There was no national outcry.

We need to show collective disgust at our local officials or anyone who promotes misogyny, sexist and anti-feminism arguments. We as Jamaicans should not only be appalled by what Trump says but also be concerned with our local men and women in power.

Kimberly Roach