Fri | Sep 21, 2018

Trump has no mandate

Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Donald Trump


Not only did more Americans vote for and hence select Hillary Clinton as their president, they also rejected Donald Trump. Trump got the least number of votes of any Republican candidate for president since George W. Bush did in 2000.

Both John McCain and Mitt Romney got significantly more votes from the Republican party than Trump did. McCain got 59,948,323 and Romney got 60,933,504. So far, Trump is at 59,639,462. His own party did not give him a ringing endorsement.

So, thanks to the electoral college system, Americans and the world are faced with a US president who got fewer votes than his challenger, and in this case less support than the two previous Republican presidential candidates.

Trump enters the White House with no mandate, and a deficit of support. God speed.

Jon Reader