Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Will Trump make America great again?

Published:Tuesday | November 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In his article 'White power trumps good sense' (Sunday, November 13, 2016), Ian Boyne writes: "There is a lot of hasty, half-baked commentary being dished out, but this Trumpism deserves a serious and surgical analysis."

Yes. Mr Boyne's analysis is very serious and surgical. His thesis, in effect, is: "... White power has been asserted in a most ferocious and aggressive way, and Trump, like all neo-fascists, was able to exploit the fears and anxieties of the majority against 'the deplorables'."

Now, I'd like to pose, in general, first the main question followed by a series of other questions: What now of Mr Trump's win?

Will tearing up what Mr Trump sees as existing onerous trade and military treaties; placing heavy tariffs on imported goods, say from China; punishing manufacturers who ship jobs abroad; deporting undocumented immigrants; making it harder for foreigners to come to the USA; drastically cutting income taxes for the wealthy, and dramatically reducing corporate taxes on businesses: With these ideas, were they to become practice, lead to a revival in the economic, cultural, and racial fortunes of his voting constituents?




Will slashing the size of the federal government, and at the same time advocating massive infrastructural spending; putting back big coal on the front burner, and resurrecting derelict steel mills; massively increasing military expenditures; plus, all the other ideas that he has floated: if effected, can these policies lead to an economic renaissance of the USA?

Will stocking the Supreme Court, and other judicial branches, with his hand-picked appointments and giving them new 'law-and-order powers' when it comes to dealing with abortion rights, gay marriage, racial, ethnic, and gender issues, terrorism, and minority groups coming on the streets and demonstrating for their rights: Will his ideas, were they to be translated into practice, see a restoration of American glory?

In short, will Trump's neo-fascists ideas, as Boyne describes them, reverse the effects of globalisation?

Will his divide-and-rule tactics restore the American dream and 'Make America Great Again'?