Fri | Feb 23, 2018

US will regret voting in fascist Trump

Published:Wednesday | November 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The American media fed the rest of the world a rancid meal of Trumpism.

They led angry blue-collar workers and the uninformed to believe that America was falling apart and would be made great again by Trump.

They fell for the lies that all their problems resulted from the exodus of good-paying jobs to cheap labour markets. White America bought the lies and fell for Mr Trump's tactics. The truth is that Ronald Reagan started the dismantling of labour unions and corporate America took the opportunity to move jobs overseas to cheap labour markets.




President George Herbert Walker Bush expanded globalisation. President Clinton did the same with NAFTA. The American consumers were happy to be flooded with cheap goods from Mexico and China as result of these trade agreements.

Mr Trump took the opportunity to blame all the trade agreements for America's decline. Not satisfied with these half-truths, Mr Trump convinced his growing base that Obama destroyed the economy of the US and was allowing millions of immigrants to take away American jobs.

Trump's answer to all the problems was to take back America from immigrants, Muslims and the marauding, criminal blacks. Jamaicans and all black people should prepare themselves for what Mr Trump has in store for them. No one should be surprised at increasing police brutality, more incarcerations of young black men, a steady decline of Middle America, and increasing national debt.

Trump pulled covert racism out of the closet and made overt racism acceptable.

America will regret the day they voted for a fascist Mr Trump.


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