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Do the right thing and apologise, Portia

Published:Thursday | November 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is always important for our political leaders to maintain a proper civil level of discourse while speaking at political and business forums for the country is expecting nothing less. Robert Dalley's letter to the editor in the Monday edition of a newspaper publication focusing on Portia Simpson Miller's unacceptable and threatening statements to some of her fellow comrades while speaking at a PNP local government campaign meeting in South East, St Ann, is spot on and requires the president of the People's National Party, Portia Simpson Miller, to do the appropriate thing and issue a public apology. It was disrespectful for Mrs Simpson Miller to have made those statements at a party meeting threatening some of her comrade members to come back to the constituency of South East St Ann and she will know who to bring and further, that 'nuh boy, nuh gal', cannot trouble her and get away with it. What do those statements mean? This is a serious issue which should be cleared up by her immediately.

I wholeheartedly join Mr Dally, along with Daryl Vaz, in demanding that Mrs Simpson Miller withdraws and apologises for her unfortunate public statements that can have negative political repercussions in different ways across the country's political landscape and setting a poor example for young politicians in the country. Some public commentators have also lambasted her for sinking to such a low level while speaking on the campaign trail.

If some comrades in attendance were jeering her, that is not a civil and intelligent way to respond to them in public. Her statements against those disagreeing comrades is way off the political line and shows up to a large extent Simpson Miller's heated uncontrollable political temper and some amount of political immaturity on her part, very troubling for us citizens.

Apologise now, Mrs Simpson Miller that's the appropriate thing to do.


L.Tomlinson,CPA, CA,

Montego Bay