Tue | Dec 18, 2018

Politicians should learn to go high

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The position of political ombudsman, which has been established to enforce standards in Jamaican politics, is being ignored by the same groups that claim high ground.

Politicians who are refusing to sign the Political Code of Conduct are obviously not ready to represent the people of Jamaica. It's an outright shame and disgrace!

Refusing to sign the code of conduct because of a suspected breach by the other party is similar to the Old Testament practice of an eye for an eye. Where is the standard?

To be more specific, People's National Party councillor candidates in St Ann are refusing to sign the code of conduct, actions that are apparently endorsed by North West St Ann Member of Parliament Dr Dayton Campbell. The premise for the boycott is that the councillor candidates are uncertain as to whether or not the Government followed proper protocol in the $600m debushing project now under way across the island.

Are you saying that you will not conduct yourself in an appropriate manner if the Jamaica Labour Party/Government did not follow protocol? This is very low.

Politicians, it's time for you to raise your standards and shun disruptive behaviour. As Michelle Obama kept repeating in the recent campaign in the USA, "When they go low, we go high."

It would be so good if politicians practise going high in Jamaica. The Jamaican people for sure would start taking them more seriously, including our young people, who need to see good examples more frequently.

Politicians, use your public space wisely and show the people of Jamaica how they should deal with disagreements by going high when others go low.