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Address Bogue Heights crime fears

Published:Tuesday | November 29, 2016 | 12:00 AMRichard Tomlinson


I write in reference to a letter to the Gleaner editor penned by a returning resident from the United Kingdom who lives in the Bogue Heights area of Montego Bay calling on the police commissioner, Carl Williams, to immediately investigate suspicious cars and bikes lurking around that \upscale community.

As a concerned citizen of Montego Bay, I do hope that the commissioner will personally have this serious safety issue promptly investigated for matters such as these cannot be taken lightly and involves the safety of all those persons and homeowners who reside in the area.

I recall, as the informed and concerned letter writer pointed out, that some months ago, three persons were slaughtered in the New Ramble area and eight others shot and injured, and to date, no one has been reportedly arrested and charged for those gruesome murders. Why is the status on those murders, Mr Commissioner?

From my perspective, not enough in-depth police work is going into finding, arresting and charging those scammers who are extorting millions of United States dollars from residents in that country each year.

Does the police lottery-scamming unit have enough resources and equipment to investigate those scammers operating all over the parish of St James and with impunity? Is the intelligence arm of the force capable of investigating and nabbing those scammers who have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal and capable of corrupting tens of police officers?

I urge the commissioner as well to focus more of his time on apprehending those scammers who are involved in all sorts of criminal activities in St James and address that serious problem in Bogue Heights.

We must begin to be concerned as citizens for our fellowmen and fellow women, wherever they raise issues, and especially involving their personal safety. If there were regular police patrols in the Bogue Heights area, the returning resident would not have had to be raising the issue in The Gleaner.


Montego Bay