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Jamaica should mourn Castro

Published:Monday | November 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The world has lost an icon. A feeling of despair should overshadow Jamaica if not the entire Caribbean at this moment, upon the passing of the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Despite the distasteful things, most of us were led to think of him, especially in Jamaica, as a friend. Some of the kindness he has done for Jamaica included the field of medicine, education, recreation and energy. I will avoid the distasteful Cuban bulb programme, as that was a stab in the back of the Cuban kindness from our own representatives.

Not so long ago, there was a two-year programme between Jamaica and Cuba, where biomedical experts were summoned to repair some of our failing medical equipment, notably dental machines.


Tremendous boost


In the field of education, Jamaica gained a tremendous boost. Among the donations are Jose Marti High and G.C. Foster College.

In West Africa, it was the Cuban medical staff that undoubtedly changed the Ebola situation and got it under some control.

Fidel Castro was no saint, but is there such a thing? Fidel Castro managed to turn Cuba into one of the most scientific and educated countries today. I believe the current Jamaican Government should show our respect and at least declare 10 minutes of national mourning for our passing brother.

Zavier Simpson