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Backward move, National Library!

Published:Thursday | December 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I feel the need to take a moment to share a recent experience I encountered while visiting my beautiful island for a week in October. I do this out of genuine concern with the hope that it will effect some policy change for other users.

I am a student in North America, and on a recent trip back home during a semester break, I needed the services of one of the libraries to submit a paper that was due. I called the library before my visit to ascertain the rules, dress code and fees if applicable and was provided with the information. Great, I thought.

Upon my arrival with laptop in hand, I found a nice, quiet space to begin my work, only to be advised to my utter shock that while I was allowed to use the laptop, I was not allowed to plug it in; I must instead come with a fully charged computer.




National Library of Jamaica, come on now!

I would have felt better being asked to pay for use of the services and even being told beforehand that this is the policy, but never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought to ask - if I could.

I beg, I beseech the powers that be to investigate this rule as there must be a more suitable 'best practice' that can adopted to accommodate users.

I see that Minister of Science Energy and Technology, Dr Andrew Wheatley is moving assiduously to increase free Wi-Fi zones, and so on my next, visit, I hope it will be better; however, for those students in communities that just need a quiet place that a library should provide, clearly, this is something well worth investigating and changing.

Chritine Clarke