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Private-sector leaders must launch party

Published:Friday | December 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


As a Jamaican residing in the United States, I must admit that politics in Jamaica is an utter disgrace. The politicians governing our country are undeserving of any respect or admiration. Our politicians are a disgrace to our country and are the main reasons for the failure of economic prosperity and security in Jamaica.

How can any decent Jamaican support Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller? A senior politician making threats against her own supporters! A politician who lacks any ability to express herself in a coherent and respectable way. I am ashamed of the fact that she was our prime minister and is our opposition leader. It confounds me that the "intelligent" wing of the PNP continues to allow a leader like that to drag their party into the muck and to embarrass their movement. She is a laughing stock on YouTube.

She is a shame to Jamaica and she should be removed as president of the PNP. A disgrace to the party of a Norman Manley and a Michael Manley.

This is not only about Mrs Simpson Miller. However, she is representative of the problem with the politics in Jamaica. Our politicians are people of the past, not the future. Which sensible Jamaican can make the argument that Paul Burke, Philip Paulwell and Peter Phillips are people who are of the future and capable of bringing Jamaica forward? What are still doing in politics if not for the love of power? What do they offer this country? Nothing.


Change from private-sector leaders


As things got worse in Jamaica, I have always hoped that the man on the street would rise up and say, 'Enough is enough!'

If there is to be a change, it must come from private-sector leaders. I cannot imagine that they view the opposition leader any different than the way I view her. I cannot imagine they think the JLP is any better at fighting corruption and ending association with criminal elements.

I urge the members of the private sector, to see the need for a new political party in Jamaica. A political party with people who are genuinely seeking the betterment of Jamaica. A party that would restore hope to the people, that will deliver economic reforms and prosperity and will bring back security to all people of the country.

Private-sector leaders know better, they know the failures of the political parties. They have the power to end funding to the PNP and the JLP and to initiate a new political movement. At the very least, they should be openly condemning our politicians of today and be doing more to change the system that is massacring any chances for a future for the people of Jamaica.