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Don't become female version of Seaga

Published:Thursday | December 1, 2016 | 4:55 PM


A lot of people want to blame Portia Simpson Miller for the People's National Party's defeat in the local government elections, but the truth is that she is a very hardworking woman and she was sabotaged by her own egotistical party members fighting for the top brass

Everyone wants to be party leader and wants to push her aside, so they all do things to sabotage her. This schism has affected the party. She is a strong leader and has never lost embarrassingly.

The party isn't united, but she isn't the problem. A lot of members are egocentric and deceptive.

If Simpson Miller steps down as party leader, it won't be a walk in the park for her successor. A lot of work has to be done and some members need to go. I do think Raymond Pryce, Damion Crawford and other young members are the ingredients right now for the renewal of the party.

Also, a lot of MPs and councillors are to blame. Some of them have been dormant underperformers, and remain out of touch with their divisions and constituencies. People are fed up of them and want change. Some constituents have never even seen their MPs or councillors in their communities or constituencies, only in election season, which decreases votes.

The $600-million bush-clearing money played a vital role in the election result. All Jamaicans knew this, especially the ombudsman and contractor general, but everyone kept quiet because, to me, they are all on the JLP's bandwagon.

Let's face the truth. Since February 26 till now, the cost of living has gone up, and people are in need, so they are not refusing money.

The PNP needs to find ways to attract more young people to the party. I would suggest to Mrs Simpson Miller to step down, as party leader, because since your own party is sabotaging you, and wants you to fail to quicken your departure, it makes no sense becoming the female version of Edward Seaga.