Sat | Aug 19, 2017

Don't pretend away evils of Castro regime

Published:Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Congratulations to Daniel Thwaites for his column Reinventing Fidel Castro (Sunday Gleaner, December 4, 2016). His article exposes the hypocrisy of the fawning Comrades who refuse to acknowledge the harshness of Castro's experiment.

"There will be casualties" was a phrase often trotted out in defence of both Castro's and Manley's experimental policies. Castro's totalitarian, left-wing regime replaced a totalitarian, right-wing regime.

To keep trotting out achievements in health and education does not tell the whole story of an entire generation that has been denied the power to achieve their independent dreams of success for themselves and their families.

Every Cuban has had to dance to El Jefe's tune. The fulfilment of his dreams has been at the expense of an entire nation.