Tue | Mar 20, 2018

Shall we surrender to mayhem?

Published:Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We live in a society that is awash with laws, but with a laxity of effective enforcement. This surrender breeds gross indiscipline and lawlessness among the citizens, which oftentimes result in tragedy.

The seeming normalisation of lawlessness is not confined to only one sector of our society. It is on the streets, in our communities, and urban areas, where it is perpetrated by ordinary citizens, as well as the corrupt practices among the elites and our leaders, especially in government.

Little do we hear about government officials being sent to prison when they breach the public's trust.

Murder and mayhem overwhelm us. In recent months, there have been almost daily reports of at least one person being murdered or injured as a result of domestic disputes, reprisals, or disagreements attributed to lotto scamming.

So horrifying has this crime situation become that one could randomly lose one's.

The conduct of some motorists is alarming and disgraceful. They often are impatient, discourteous and have no regard for life or for the rules of the road. The result: At least 336 people killed on the roads so far this year.

There are some public transport operators who are unruly, and the epitome of recklessness. Their actions are fuelled by the 'eat a food' mentality that promotes greed and selfishness. There are people who are afraid to use the roads because of the offensive conduct of some drivers.

The vast majority of crimes have shifted to the western section of the island. According to the latest Jamaica Constabulary Force statistics, there are at least 1,210 people killed so far this year, and this is expected to climb by year end. St. James, Westmoreland and St. Catherine accounts for the most murders.

Unless we update and strengthen outdated laws, and put more teeth into enforcing them to restore order post haste, lawlessness will become the standard of our society.