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Letter of the Day | Don’t be jealous of JC’s success

Published:Wednesday | December 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Dr Lascelve Graham's onslaught in last Sunday's Gleaner on the more-than-two-centuries-old institution Jamaica College, is not only disappointing, but smacks of disingenuousness and downright bad-mindedness.

Had Dr Graham concentrated his piece mainly on the pros and cons of this widespread feature of our high schools these days, and just presented his philosophical views and recommendations, his article would have commanded some merit.

Instead, to highlight JC in such a one-sided and biased critique smacks of someone with an axe to grind against the Old Hope Road school.

There are many more schools who recruited players into their teams with more transferees than JC. Just briefly mentioning, for example, another established school of maroon vintage, who recruited a whole squad that won the FLOW Cup, revealed that Dr Graham's jaundiced views lack fairness and balance.

The impressive St George's College also featured a few former JC players, one of whom was the captain who so tragically passed on during a game this season. The examples of other schools with far more recruits than JC can easily be researched for those interested in the facts.

Indeed, when the rambunctious Fortis footballers from North Street overwhelmed the JC juggernaut to lift the Walker Cup, both scorers were former players from Camperdown, who just donned the purple attire since September.

To further highlight Muggy's devious agenda, he misquoted JC's manager Ian Forbes, who never said JC recruited because other schools were doing it. To follow up further by insinuating that Mr Forbes, a man of impeccable integrity, is following many people who are beating the system borders on libel.




The tragedy in all of this is that whereas many of us see the merits of ISSA revisiting the issue of recruiting, it must be done objectively, without unfairly demonising parties. The issue is a complex and multifaceted one, worthy of research, debate and eventual reform.

Maybe if Dr Graham can stifle his obvious jealousy of JC's accomplishment and avail himself to accessible information, he would see that the transformation and resulting success at 189 Old Hope Road came about because of a multiplicity of factors, such as perspicacious governance, massive alumni contributions, and synergistic stakeholder collaboration led by the incomparable Dr R. Danny Williams, and executed by dedicated lieutenants such as the Jamaica Institute of Management-Gleaner 2012 Manager of the Year, Ian Forbes.