Thu | Jan 18, 2018

JLP had better deliver, or else

Published:Wednesday | December 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Now that the leader of the People's National Party (PNP) has called it a day and decided to give up her job as party leader, the renewal process within that party now seems to be gathering speed.

Already, the party has a new general secretary and there is talk that the current long-time chairman is also considering making way for a new person.

There can be very little doubt that the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is much concerned, if not shaking in its boots right now - and perhaps rightly so. The next general election, whenever it is held, will be a tough one for the JLP, if things continue the way they have been going on now for some time.

Though many of us are happy that our stagnant economy is showing a few signs of growth, if the typical person out there on the street should be asked about it, he would probably tell you that nothing much has changed for him. There can be no doubt that life out there is extremely hard for most.




Not many of us cannot see the prosperity that was promised - and not many of us see any such prosperity down the road either. Even many of us who are working are finding it increasingly difficult just to make ends meet.

Added to all of this, our crime situation is now spiralling out of control. Many built-up areas have become virtual war zones, akin to Syria - especially within the last few months. With the JLP Government seemingly at its wits' end to do something about this crime crisis, and its minister of national insecurity doing such an excellent job at nothing, crime may just be the JLP's ticket to electoral doom. The JLP's leader's boast of making people their able to go to bed and leave their doors open without being murdered is now a big joke to many.

Anyway, in fairness to all, I suppose it would be hard to deny that, more or less, we have been living under these conditions now for decades. However, the challenge for the JLP is that it must now deliver very tangible results - or risk being kicked out of power when the next general election is called.

The JLP can no longer rely on the dinosaurs within the PNP to scare people to not vote for the PNP the next time around, as it will have very fresh faces at the top to present to the electorate. As such, only very real progress on the economic, social and especially the anti-crime fronts will give the JLP any hope of retaining state power.

If the JLP does not deliver, it may very well end up being another one-term administration.