Sun | Feb 18, 2018

Following Bolt's example in 2017

Published:Friday | December 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Usain Bolt


Every time there is a major athletics event taking place somewhere in the world at which Jamaica's biggest track star, Usain Bolt, performs - and inevitably does well - the local airwaves are flooded by persons who want to heap praises upon him. These pages are also consumed with letters written by enthusiastic Jamaicans eager to publicly state their admiration for the talented Bolt.

Well, that is all well and good. The sprinter deserves every bit of goodwill sent his way. But, even though no major race has recently been run, I still want to use this medium to 'big up' Mr Bolt. We are now only days away from Christmas, and I just want to say that Mr Bolt and his talents have brought us as a nation so much joy over the years that it feels like Christmas whenever he runs.

He, and, indeed, all our athletes give us gifts throughout the year. They do not wait for special occasions. So, in return, let me thank Mr Bolt and all our wonderful, talented athletes for all they have done and continue to do for Jamaica. You all lift our spirits and give us something to feel very proud about.

Sometimes things get really hard in Jamaica. You all give us a welcome distraction from what is wrong with Jamaica by highlighting, in the most emphatic way, all that is right in Jamaica.

As we approach a new year, let us as a people resolve to live by the example of Mr Bolt and all the other athletes who show what hard work, dedication, and humility can achieve. If we all tackle 2017 with the same mental strength and focus with which our athletes take on training and executing races at big events, we will have a very, very good year.

We can do it!

Proud Jamaican