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Please make changes post-haste at the NSWMA

Published:Saturday | December 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Kindly afford me space in your esteemed Gleaner newspaper to fully endorse the column written by Robert Dalley appearing on December 16 captioned 'Time for change at the NSWMA'.

I make reference in particular to the following segment: "Equip the NSWMA with the required number of trucks and allow the authority to dispense with the need to contract private persons with garbage trucks and compactors to work for the authority. Private contractors are costing the NSWMA too much money. This arrangement is not cost-effective."

Excellent recommendation from Dalley. I do hope that the newly named CEO of the NSWMA (National Solid Management Waste Authority), Audley Gordon, makes it a priority and duly follow through on this suggestion for it will surely save the NSWMA a significant sum of money.

I have often wondered why it is that the NSWMA employs private contractors to collect garbage and dispose of it at expensive costs to us taxpayers. Instead, the NSWMA should have been purchasing and using its own fleet of garbage trucks.

Another point raised by Robert Dalley with which I urge Gordon to move forward forthwith is that "there needs to be efficiency across the four garbage-collection agencies which fall under the direct control of the NSWMA".

We need efficiency from those four garbage-collection agencies which again will reduce the overall operational costs across those four regions. We need positive action and a total revamping of the NSWMA, and I do hope that Audley Gordon gets the support required to effect the necessary changes in short order. I am confident that Mr Gordon will be a successful CEO and will perform to us citizens and taxpayers' benefit. He cannot afford to fail us.

Andrew Bedasse


Lucea, Hanover