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Letter of the Day | Teach kids how to have sex

Published:Wednesday | December 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We are always so overly concerned with hiding sex-related issues from our children and try shielding them from sexual ideas for as long as we possibly can. Parents beat the idea, both literally and figuratively, out of their children if they ever even think about having sex. My question is: Have you, parents, ever considered teaching your children how to have sex and who to have sex with, rather than forbidding them to do it?

Research has shown that when one is strictly forbidden to do something, that is when the mind grows curious. In teaching children how to have sex, parents would have to affix their coaching to the cause-and-effect model of reasoning. For example: If you have sex before reaching 18, it may lead to teenage pregnancy. Don't stop there, either, but continue to inform them of the negative effects of teenage pregnancy.

Sex, in and of itself, is not bad, but it must be done at a certain responsible age at which you will be able to deal with the ensuing results. Some parents have long been through the puppy-love stage, and most of them have chosen a bad sexual partner at some time. Sharing some of this otherwise censored info with your children (especially the girls) could prove valuable in their teenage years in deciding which kinds of boys mean them well.

Hiding sex from teens only heightens their curiosity. It should be a practice of the past, since that has not been helpful in decreasing teenage pregnancy. The schools should also hop on board and start edifying these young, bright and curious minds on what to do during sex.

In addition, help them to know what qualities they should look for in a girl or a guy. It is time that we, as adults, stop being naive and let go of the traditional way of rearing children. Whether we like it or not, our teens - just like you and me - will be involved in relationships, even from primary-school age.


NCU Student