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Determined to make Kingston more vibrant

Published:Saturday | December 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Millicent Sproul-Thomas, assistant commissioner of police, makes her way over a pool of stagnant water at the intersection of Pink Lane and Spanish Town Road in downtown Kingston recently. Sanitation problems are among the many challenges that newly installed Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams will have to overcome.

I welcome the encouragement, however guarded and nuanced from The Gleaner in your editorial of Sunday, December 18, 2016, as I embark on my new role as mayor of Kingston. I respect your role as an esteemed Fourth Estate guardian of our democracy.

Our capital, Kingston, indeed, as you have restated from my observations, is in need of much revitalisation both in terms of its physical plant and the lack of discernible public order prevailing. It will require much cooperation across sectors and groups and fixity of purpose, utilising the available legislative powers to develop.

I have no illusions that achieving these improvements can simply be done by fiat, but rather by creative and sustained hard work and planning, as well as by ensuring that as you aver, the simple things are done, even as we tackle the more complex ones with their deep-seated socio-economic and sociocultural foundations.

I, however, maintain that imbuing our citizens with a greater sense of pride in their city and their stake in keeping its surroundings in as pristine a manner as is possible is also necessary. I assure you that we will be doing all we can to foster and support this behaviour change, and we welcome your active help and advice in helping the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation to drive home this message. We endeavour to provide more resources and implement systems that would go a far way in establishing order to the municipality.

A vibrant and inviting Kingston city will assist national development and attract investors. It will also improve the cultural life of the country and usher in a flowering of the arts and leisure, which themselves will foster greater prosperity and reduce antisocial behaviour and crime.

I look forward to further engagement along with my administration as we embark on our mission to make Kingston the capital of the Caribbean.


Mayor of Kingston