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Take Jesus to villages, marketplace

Published:Tuesday | December 27, 2016 | 12:23 AM

I am at Grand Market 2016 in Linstead. I understand, from the veteran attendee whom I accompanied, that this year's crowd is very small when compared to previous years (look like the money done). I am not a crowd person anyway so that turnout suited me well and furthermore, Brown’s Town is my place when it comes to Grand Market.
My greatest concern though was that in spite of the many sound systems there was not one dedicated to Gospel music. I thought that there must be a greater number of churches than sound systems within the Linstead area that could even collaborate to sponsor a system dedicated to the Gospel.
The probability is high that some persons within the crowd would appreciate this genre of the arts and probably the turnout would have been even greater had this feature been provided. In a few hours from now (3:15 am) many churches will be opened and pastors will be preaching, largely to the converted faithful. Who will cater to the spiritual needs of the spiritually numb?
The church needs to get out there, to take Jesus "out of the church" back into the villages and towns, into the marketplace as Jesus Himself did. Jesus loved big events, where folks did not expect Him, but He was there – at the wedding feasts, at the Pentecosts, at the censuses. He capitalised on those events.
The youth needs to hear from the church and not from the Kartels or the Beenie-mans (with respect) but from the institution He built on The Rock. The church is too clannish and introverted, a quality that also manifests itself in its reluctance or refusal to act when governments get corrupt, when the youth and women are marginalised or attacked or when crime and violence slowly becomes a part of who we are as a people.
The church needs to see itself having more relevance than the great speech that it will deliver at the upcoming Prayer Breakfast.
a'Lerroy Brown