Wed | Jan 17, 2018

Church needs to do more

Published:Friday | December 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In columnist Devon Dick's recent column, he suggested that in tackling the crime monster, it is important, " get to dismantling gangs, cutting the source of funding, severing the links between politics and criminality and also the funding by the private sector, of criminals."

These ideas if enacted, would be good. But they have been suggested and attempted before. Yet the mayhem continues. In fact, it has been getting worse. On Wednesday, a gun-toting man staged an attack on another individual at the Hunt's Bay Police Station, in broad daylight, just metres away from the busy Portia Simpson Miller Square. It was an act that escalated into a gun fight with the police, we are told, and ended with the gunman's demise. There seems to be no end in sight to the violence. There is however, hope if the people of the nation stand together.

This is where the church comes in. For 2017, I'd like to see the church take Jesus out of its 'four walls' and into the community. As I see it, Jesus coached the church that it is the salt of the earth - and it is. But if the salt remains in the bag or reservoir, there's no way it can get the pot seasoned. No amount of praying can get that pot salted; the salt has to get into the pot.

The church needs to realise that Jesus never relegated his activities to buildings but went into communities, meeting people where they were, making a difference in their lives. Once the 'food' comes in contact with salt it will taste better.

Our prayers alone will not effect change. Individual church members need to do more but the movement called the church needs to make itself relevant at such a time as this.

Lerroy Brown