Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Give the job to Christie

Published:Friday | December 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Greg Christie


I recently came across a letter written by Robert Dalley stating that in the interest of the country and necessary pending reforms at the Jamaica Customs Agency, finance minister, Audley Shaw should appoint former contractor general, Greg Christie as the next commissioner of customs. I have to support the writer.

Christie's outstanding performance as contractor general of Jamaica demonstrated his managerial skills, experience and knowledge.

I believe he is greatly qualified to serve as the next commissioner of customs. In fact, I believe that he would be able to raise the standards of performance at the agency.

Mr Shaw, as reported in the press, will shortly name a new commissioner of customs. Mr Shaw, give the job to Mr Christie.

There is need for comprehensive reform of the customs agency. Customs officers should be held to account for their actions and any of them who foul up should be relieved of their duties immediately.

I recently heard a senior police officer saying on an evening radio discussion programme that the police's intelligence suggests that there is a rising level of corruption at customs, and intensive investigations are currently underway. Citizens who have information concerning customs officers breaching the law should in good faith report the matter confidentially to the commissioner's office or the Organised Crime Investigations Division.

We must act as responsible citizens here. Corruption thrives when citizens allow it. I would fully support Greg Christie's appointment to this challenging post. Jamaica needs him.

Frank L. R. Manborde