Wed | Mar 21, 2018

It is time to show love

Published:Saturday | December 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Life is not a bed of roses. Life is rough and tough for many of us. If we do not have love for one another, life will become rougher and tougher for us. Believe it.

If we are aggressive, intolerant, and disrespectful to our brothers and sisters, the mountains of life will become more ominous and difficult for us to climb.

Be aggressive, intolerant and disrespectful to your problems. Do not let petty things cause you to display that same attitude to your brothers and sisters.

As time passes, life is becoming more challenging for many us. Many more of us are becoming proud, hostile and pig-headed. Even at the supermarkets, pastry shops, wholesale and retail businesses, many of the workers do not treat the customers with love and respect.

Let us love people more than our cars, our money and/or our material possessions in 2017. Every year, many of our brothers and sisters are leaving us by death, in large numbers, because of domestic disputes, other acts of crime and violence, traffic accidents, etc.

We are being told to love and respect one another, but we continue to take this suggestion very lightly; we just scoff at it. A handful of people cannot bring about the changes we need. Unity is strength. All of Jamaica needs to focus on love. So, let us do so in 2017.

Donald J. McKoy