Fri | Jan 19, 2018

We can do better

Published:Saturday | December 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Milton Brown's promise during the municipal debates of a manifesto ex post facto, is an indication of how politicians take the general public for a ride.

The truth is, councils do not have the type of funds necessary to execute the tasks they claim they want to perform. Furthermore, the roles of municipalities are so fixed and their performance generally so mediocre that a manifesto in that type of election is like using a 12-ton tipper truck to transport a loaf of bread. It is infeasible.

To make matters worse, these elections have their own day to which the public repeatedly registers little interest. Municipal elections could very well be held alongside general elections thereby saving cash that could go towards making the municipal arm of governance more useful.

So much money is needed to perform the tasks required of municipalities. I think that some of the services that they try to render ought to belong to the central government. These include tending to all roads (including farm roads), and all water supply facilities and infrastructure.

Furthermore, municipalities will never have the type of expertise to even supervise these enterprises well.

With those responsibilities out of the way, we should be better able to have our markets looking like plazas; roadways and drains always ready for bad weather; and greater efficiency in all operations.

The time has come for us to expect better from ourselves. We can do better. I am hoping for a truly better 2017 and beyond. Selah!

Leroy Brown