Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Over to you, media

Published:Monday | January 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

A turbulent year is over and we always hope that the long campaign for our safety could be relaxed so we won't enter the new year with a hangover of stress. But alas! We are not to drop our guard because, whether or not they are employable, everybody will continue to want 'a food' so that they can take care of their living expenses.

Jamaica's flirtation with crime and violence, which is seen as one result of high unemployment, might not be going anywhere far from us with any amount of urgency. With successive political administrations too weak-kneed to enact legislation to render crime unattractive, we may as well just learn how to cohabit with criminals.

The politicians are being partly blamed for the high crime levels, and if it is so, this alleged bond would be near impossible to sever. They would have huge difficulty in curbing crime.

I suggest that the media lead the way in helping to create a gentler, more polite society, a feat that would spur respect for and benevolence towards each other. This country spends too much revenue on private as well as public security - an activity that in itself is not productive, in that it does not immediately translate into foreign-exchange earnings.

We need to start now or the decibels will only get louder as we all ask: How did we get here?

Lerroy Brown