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Letter of the day | Give Grant a chance

Published:Tuesday | January 3, 2017 | 6:11 AM


Since the announcement of the impending resignation of Commissioner of  Police Dr Carl Williams,  there has  been  speculation as to what could have prompted his sudden departure. Williams has not elaborated on why he chose to leave the office, stating only that it was for personal reasons.

Williams is not compelled by law to disclose the specifics,  but in the interest of clarity, I  wish he would  have, as this gap in information has facilitated an avalanche of speculation from former and current members of the force, and  private citizens.

The impending departure of Williams has also left the country with the problem of  finding a suitable candidate for the post within a short period of time.  The new commissioner will be expected to bring to the table visionary and professional  leadership and  will be confronted with the long-standing issues of lack of resources and a terrifying murder rate. Orville Taylor, in a column published in The Sunday Gleaner headlined 'De-Commissioned', made some good suggestions.  He suggested that, "to the powers that be, choose wisely because the JCF will outlast all of us, but a wrong choice will plague us and generations to come." 

According to former assistant commissioner of police Mark Shields there is presently no suitable candidate within the force who is capable of leading the organisation. He suggested that the search should be extended beyond the present members.

The new year , no doubt, will have many challenges and a new, creative and visionary policy will be required from the Andrew Holness government to deal with our crime problems. The acting commissioner, Novelette  Grant,  seems a good candidate for the position. Why not try a woman who is highly qualified for the post? We have explored all other options. What do we have to lose? 

Errol McLeish
Greater Portmore
St Catherine