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Youth being groomed to become criminals

Published:Saturday | January 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


As crime spirals out of control and persons ponder ways to reduce this monster to a manageable size, much lip service has been given to the problem.

But what are the underlying elements that are breathing life into this man-made leviathan?

The reality in one community may help us to identify a few vital elements contributing to the growth of this mammoth.

A family lives in a residential community and fraudulently portrays themselves as vets. They are not listed among the registered veterinarians. The family employs a gang to protect their dog-breeding and 'veterinary' business. Among the gang's recruits are children to carry out property damage.

Any effort to have the police, the parish council, the veterinary board and the public defender's office curtail the problems generated by this family prove futile. The fake vet boasts that no one, not the parish council, not the police nor anyone can stop him from conducting his activities.




As various crimes in the area increase, such as break-ins, arson, poisoning of animals, thefts, etc, people are forced to abandon their investments as strange people stalk and harass them. Those who refuse to move run the risk of being murdered.

The police are not helping the victims. Why?

The parish council is not upholding the Constitution. Why?

The public defender's office is not helping the victims. Why? They are asking the parish council to investigate themselves.

The veterinary board is not helping. Why?

The law is not helping as there is apparently no law on stalking and criminal harassment.

As for the victims, they are middle to lower-income Jamaicans with no connection in government, and, therefore, not entitled to enjoy any fundamental constitutional privileges.

The net result? The community rapidly deteriorates into a ghetto and the youth are being groomed to become hardened criminals.

This is my perception. This is my reality.

Veronica Y. Anderson