Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Pay attention to little things

Published:Monday | January 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM


One of the first matters we need to address as a nation in this new year is the way we drive on the roads. Yes, crime is a pressing issue and our economy continues to demand constant attention. I believe, though, that if we do not pay attention to what some might consider the 'little things', then the big problems will never go away. The way we use our roads is a matter of discipline. If we can instill discipline in road users, we will have set a standard that can then be demanded in other areas of life. Let us have a national review of our road laws. Let us have public consultations and education campaigns to reach as many persons as possible, explaining the right way to use the roads. It is still early enough for us to make this a resolution for 2017. We should do so.

Concerned Jamaican