Thu | Jul 19, 2018

Long for the day JPS gets it right

Published:Wednesday | January 11, 2017 | 12:11 AM


On Monday, I left my home in Mona, St Andrew, around midday. It was a rather windy day. As I stepped outside, the power went out. I have lived in Jamaica all my life, so I was not surprised that on a windy day, the lights went out. You come to expect things like that.

A rainy day, a windy day, rain after a period of drought, all these things can cause power cuts. Anyway, I went out to work, then left and attended to some personal matters and returned home close to midnight. I was shocked that there was no power. I contacted my neighbours, who told me that the power had not returned since it went about 12 hours earlier.

As more time passed, I got to realise that many places across the country were without electricity, largely because of the wind. Now, I give full credit to the staff of the Jamaica Public Service for working in unpleasant weather to restore power to some places late that night. My questions are: Why did the power have to go in the first place? Shouldn't our 2017 electricity supply system be able to withstand a bit of breeze? I am no expert, so I do not know all the variables, but I will say that I long for the day that we can have wind and rain without having to sit in darkness all night.