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Letter of the Day | Church, abuse victims all need healing

Published:Monday | January 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am about to share some sentiments that do not take away from the fact that the victims of the crime have been in pain and suffering, and will continue to bear the attendant consequences for a long time to come.

Our sisters and brothers in the Moravian Church are currently experiencing one of the lowest and most painful moments in their long Jamaican history. Yes, it is true that some have been silent, when they ought to have spoken out as a matter of Christian duty, common decency and humanitarian obligation. However, I will not ignore the FACT that the Moravian Church has produced some of the finest Jamaicans who have contributed immensely to nation building.

Truth be told, this situation could play out in any denomination across Jamaica! The society is sick, and in need of healing!

Let us encourage a broken community to heal. Let us not broad-brush an entire community because of some internal failings, egregious as they have been. We are all still family and when one member hurts, the entire family hurts.

In the midst of pain and outrage, disappointment and depression, betrayal and abuse, may we use this situation to create a more accountable, compassionate, truthful and just Church and nation.

My heart goes out to the disadvantaged - the family at the heart of this situation. My heart goes out to a hurting faith community - our sisters and brothers of the Moravian Church.


Anglican Priest