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Enlist public's help in fight against crime

Published:Tuesday | January 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Novelette Grant, the acting commissioner of police.

Dear Ms Grant,

On Thursday, January 12, I, along with other justices of the peace of St Andrew, attended a seminar on human trafficking put on by MOCA and presented by Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry. I believe all in attendance were familiar with the terms 'human trafficking' and 'trafficking in persons'. It became obvious, though, that many of us were not fully aware of the magnitude of the problem.

DSP Berry's very masterful presentation not only sensitised us, but very disturbingly opened our eyes to what is a global problem that is present right here in Jamaica.

Today, our children and grandchildren are experts at using the Internet and very adept at utilising new technology that emerges. What they are not expert at, however, is avoiding the dangerous pitfalls as outlined by DSP Berry.

I believe that in the fight against these crimes, Jamaica needs more DSP Berrys going out into the communities to sensitise citizens.

Coming out of the seminar, it is obvious that serious parental guidance/vigilance are important at this time. Parents, grandparents and guardians alike must now be prepared to be unpopular because of this vigilance, while we make it our duty to protect those for whom we are responsible.

Since it does indeed take a village to raise a child, we should also be observant of other children in our communities.

Acting Commissioner Grant, it is my belief that if other competent officers in the police force set out in unambiguous terms the problems facing our communities and the ways in which the public can help, many citizens would join the fight against crime.

Please accept my prayers, and I extend sincere best wishes to you as you take on your new appointment.