Thu | Jul 19, 2018

Jamaica a paedophile paradise

Published:Tuesday | January 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM


As a Christian, I am aggrieved.

Jamaicans' attitudes and laws (or lack) have made this country a paedophile paradise. A few years ago, an overseas pastor did the very same thing and got away with it! The poor and disenfranchised have been feasted upon.

Most predators put themselves in positions where they have power over children. Lawyers, pastors, teachers and even some police often see the young as natural victims. Once they have found a child upon whom they can prey, they never stop until they have satisfied themselves or are caught. Depending on the age, most of these children never recover. They are made to feel they are bad, so that is why it happened to them.

We see so many young girls being killed by these older men, and all we say is that they have taken the man for a ride and want to leave. Investigate these men! Usually, they are paedophiles.

There is a case I was told about, in which a particular lawyer appeared to target young girls who have got themselves in trouble and he would find a place for them and perform all sorts of sexual acts with them. This gentleman could be in his late 50s to 60s, just like the accused pastor. That's the age group to watch.

His colleagues would express concern, but, of course, he, being a lawyer, would make sure that they clear the age of 16. His solution to their pregnancy is abortion and they had better do it. All these men need to be watched, investigated; and you would be surprised how much you would learn and how many could be put away, sparing the lives of many innocent girls and boys.

This pastor's wife was just a front. His lust was for young flesh. The younger, the better. It's sick! Nasty! Seek your own age, old men.


Irish Town, St Andrew