Sat | Sep 23, 2017

Moravians need fiery revival

Published:Tuesday | January 17, 2017 | 1:00 AM


In 1860, a great spiritual awakening erupted in St Elizabeth and quickly engulfed the nation. It was unlike anything ever experienced in Jamaica. This revival was kindled in the Moravian Church and spread like wildfire throughout many other denominations.

Now, more than 150 years later, St Elizabeth is the setting for another explosive occurrence involving a Moravian, which has ignited the island. This time, however, the citizenry is not fired up by the Holy Spirit, but burn with what is deemed to be righteous anger, as news of unrighteous acts in the church fans the flames when more folks get wind of the disturbing reports.

It can no longer be religion as usual, but rather, a right relationship between God and man has to be restored. Children and the disenfranchised must be cared for and protected. Before policies and processes are examined, hearts have to be checked. Sin must be recognised and confessed, then there has to be repentance and restitution, if a revival is expected.

Moravians need to draw inspiration from their history in which a potter and a carpenter were the first Moravian missionaries who came to the Caribbean. They were ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats, emboldened through prayer. Being refugees and undergoing persecution, the Moravians knew there was power in intercession and, therefore, prayed non-stop 24 hours a day for more than 100 years.

Prayer and repentance were significant then, and must be now in order to usher in a new season for not only the Moravians, but the Jamaican Church in general. We need a fresh fire and anointing that break chains, renew minds, transform hearts, and empower the masses.