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Enough of Murray and the Hampton School Board

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The recent events surrounding the alleged rape of an underage girl by a pastor from the Moravian church has caused a real stink in the country and has triggered many reactions.

From this very unfortunate event came other spill-offs, the most notorious being the issue of Hampton High school's principal Heather Murray's decision to attend court and act as a human shield for an alleged child molester who happens to be her best friend's husband.

As much as the issue of rape should be the focal point of this entire issue, I am left to wonder if the member of the Hampton School board and Mrs Murray are bereft of attention as they seem to continuously thrust themselves back in the midst of this mess. Mrs Murray gave a public apology for her rather doltish actions that were not expected from many who knew her.

The public somewhat forgave her and was happy to move on and return the fury to the main issue/person the alleged rape of an underage child and the perpetrator. However, a few days after we were greeted with a most nonsensical release that Mrs Murray is declining the offer of leave and will be returning to work.

Now we were forced to question the sincerity of her apology and really wonder if she is now trying to deflect the attention from her best friend's husband by continuously surprising us by reappearing with her ridiculousness. The board of Hampton School is no better as they, too, have released statements challenging the accuracy of the ministry of education's reporting of the meeting.




Unless I am the dumbest person on earth, were I Hampton and Mrs Murray, I would have been happy with the way the outcome of the meeting was conveyed to the public, as to us all, Mrs Murray was treated very well, considering the national outcry for her to have been terminated and treated like the worst principal ever in Jamaica.

It is being bandied about that Mrs Murray is concerned about her record being tainted: if she were to have accepted the leave being offered, it could have been viewed as a disciplinary action taken against her. A word of advice to Mrs Murray: you are already hinging very close to retirement age: be less concerned about a personnel file that you will never use again. Instead, worry about your public file that has been tainted badly, and your continuous reappearance in this national debacle doesn't help the public has already terminated you.

The public does not want to be talking about you and Hampton School. We want to focus on molested children, persons in positions of influence who misuse the trust people have in them; children suffering in abusive homes for over six months while state agencies figure out who is supposed to provide a name and address for the person who reported the crime so that the poor child can be rescued; and, lastly, we want to be talking about ways to prevent perverts and criminals from overtaking our country and destroying our children. Enough of you, Mrs Murray, and the Hampton School board.


St Ann