Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Kudos to guards at University Hospital

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Thank you for giving me an experience that even while it was under the most trying of circumstances, I will forever be grateful that I met some of the best of the best of my people.

I am proud to be a Jamaican, and am even more so now. I understand why Jamaicans are considered the new super race.

For two weeks during the Christmas holidays, I did not spend it the traditional way, instead I had to be at the University hospital. During that time, myself, my daughter, a final-year medical student, and my visitors came to know some of the guards (attached to Marksman Security) and par excellence is how they are described.

The quickness of thought, intelligence, alertness are what we all found amazing. Perhaps some of them could be used as trainers in customer service. They are a tremendous benefit to your institution and to the hospital. In particular are the following: (some first names were not given) Carmen Downs, Mr Hibbert, Marlon Cain, young Mr Morgan, Ms Austin, Akeem White.

Young Mr White is the shinning star of the group and actually was referred to in a letter to the press commending the hospital. on that occasion we did not know his name. He is absolutely an investment. The training I imagine they received has not gone unnoticed.

Keep up the good work.

J.M. Fletcher

Irish Town