Tue | Mar 20, 2018

Letter of the Day | With Trump, America sowing seeds of destruction

Published:Friday | January 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Eight years ago, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. A record number of people (two million live, and 45.5 million online) watched his inauguration.

A new feeling of hope welled in the breast of Americans - partly because he was the first African-American president and also because they held high hopes that he could reverse the harsh economic times they were experiencing.

The excitement was still in the air when someone came up with a disturbing damper. Donald Trump took to the airwaves and declared that Obama was really born in Africa and was using a false birth certificate. He insisted that the presidency was not legitimate. America was stunned.

Even after irrefutable proof of Obama's citizenship was established, Trump persisted, claiming that he sent his own investigators to check the records office in Hawaii and "...you won't believe what they are finding ...".

He didn't stop there. He claimed that Obama did not have the intellectual capacity to be admitted to Harvard University and none of the students remember him. This was a humiliating period for Obama - even after it was proven that Trump was lying through his teeth and had made up these stories. Many Americans - to this day - believe Trump's claims.




In campaign mode, Trump set about taking America into a deep, dark, stinking gutter and kept that country there right up to election day. And Americans made him their president.

Trump's surrogates claimed that he only behaved as he did because it was campaign season, but he would act presidential' as soon as he was elected. That, I think, would make him the first 70-year-old to change his character.

He takes the oath of office today and there is nothing in his behaviour since election day that would suggest that he is anything but the same thin-skinned megalomaniac he was before.




He has won the presidency with nearly three million fewer votes than his opponent. A Monmouth University Poll, released three days ago, gives him a 34 per cent approval rating. Obama's is now at a high of 61 per cent - actually the same share of respondents who now say they lacked confidence in Trump's ability to make the right decisions for their country's future.

Many are worried about his Cabinet choices, feeling they are an untraditional bricolage of political neophytes, billionaires and industry insiders.

A Gallup Poll released Monday revealed that - unlike Obama, who took office with the highest (78%) favourability rating - Trump has the lowest favourability rating of any incoming president in recent memory.

I have long since taken my mind off this man. I am more deeply focused on the people of this rich, progressive country, regarded as the leader of the world, who chose this person to lead and represent them.

Would you be so kind, sir, to ask your readers if they think America is sowing the seeds of its own destruction?