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Pastor caught having sex with 11-y-o

Published:Saturday | January 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM


All five of us, senior retirees and close friends, went to a Kingston hospital to visit my grandson, Barry, who was in a car accident. A popular newsman that he is, he commented on the happenings of the day as it related to the defamed Moravian churchmen. Then and there, he told us a story the family had never heard before.

"It was Easter where we lived in Greenwich Pen and they'd pitched the big white gospel tent across the road for two weeks of evangelical meetings. You dragged the four of us and the next door neighbour's two over there. Every night, we raised our hands, went to the altar and accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour.

"The elders laid hands on us and the preacher patted our heads. I felt good because I was nine years old and stood beside a girl of 11. I announced that I would marry her when I grew up, for she was the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, and I told my brothers not to even look at her.

"One Saturday, before the campaign ended, we were playing 'bowl-fi-bat' cricket when Chappy hit the ball over the fence. I ran next door, picked up the ball and saw the window open. I looked inside and there was the girl of my dreams, whose name I have decided to withhold, lying on the bed and the preacher was on top of her, jerking himself just like Black Eye, our dog.




"They were naked and she just lay there on her back while he moved quickly up and down and her sad eyes saw me at the window. She looked away and I ran home. I never told anybody, and whenever she came near me, I never looked at her."

My grandson kept this scene in his heart for 54 years and has reminded us that many Christian preachers have stepped out of line, have abused children, and got away with their wrongdoings.

Barry may never walk again, but the family is proud of his accomplishments, for he and his brothers are products of Boys' Town and he has personally, with his own money, put 10 Boys' Town boys through university.