Thu | Sep 20, 2018

Only God knows why Trump became President

Published:Monday | January 23, 2017 | 12:03 AM



Yahweh alone knows why Donald Trump has become President/leader/"King" of the United States of America at this time.

Mr Trump may well be destined to play a role and experience a fate similar to Pharoah of old who drowned in the Red Sea as he pursued the Israelites, after releasing them from 400-plus years of slavery.

Listening to all Mr Trump has had to say up to his inauguration, I am curious to see how those who over the years have loved to hate America are going to manage if he is able or allowed to follow through with his very clearly stated nationalistic/patriotic America-first philosophy/plan.

Will they criticise him for "putting America first" all the time? Will they be happy if he withdraws from the oft-criticised role/policy of being "world policeman" by intervening and sending American troops to quell conflict in Africa, Asia, Europe or wherever?

Or will they call him selfish, protectionist and isolationist?

Will they encourage others to seize whatever opportunities may arise to be weaned from what might be an unhealthy reliance on American power, when convenient, and an unwillingness/inability to take responsibility for their own individual/national destiny?.

Will they see and grasp opportunities to work with the USA and other countries to build national production and trading capacities, and to negotiate trade and other arrangements as independent peoples?

Yahweh alone knows.

What is certain is that if history is anything to go by,Yahweh's will will be done. It will become increasingly clear to those with eyes to see and ears to hear that it is neither Mr Trump nor the people who run things.

Some, like Pharoah, are destined to destroyed, according to Yahweh's will. But the name of Yahweh Elohim Yahshua will be glorified.


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