Thu | Aug 16, 2018

Councillor heartless in gorge tragedy

Published:Tuesday | January 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On Sunday morning, tragedy struck once again in the Bog Walk gorge when a car plunged into the Rio Cobre and the driver lost his life. The word is that the concern of persons who are usually ready to help was absent. I found this strange as there are usually several vendors in the area.

The real tragedy, for me, came when the councillor for the Angels division came forward with an explanation. She said that the public needed to understand that the divers have financial responsibilities and some arrangements should be made for compensation.

The message to all users of the gorge road from this councillor is that divers should be paid a rescue fee, in advance, by any driver who plans to plunge into the river. One gets the impression that this decision to stand and watch persons struggle while water tortures them to death is a cold, calculated response and exhibits the worst underbelly of the Jamaican society - with the full support of a political representative.

This councillor clearly is no angel. Those vendors will not see a cent of my money ever again. And I hope I am not alone.

Maybe the voters in the Angels area would like to think carefully about whether they want such a person to represent them. And after reflecting on the disgusting comment and the truly despicable message it is sending to the rest of society, she may want to seek equal time on TV to apologise.

Shame on you, councillor!