Thu | Mar 22, 2018

Hoping for healing of sex abuse victims

Published:Wednesday | January 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Sex scandals involving various pastors have dominated local media over the past few weeks. As a Christian, I voice my own utter disgust at the wilful actions of these so-called pastors, if they are proven guilty, who would have really worked for Satan in bringing shame to the name of Christ.

The work of Satan has not been confined to the Church, but unfortunately, Satan has played both sides. Instead of condemning the sin itself, some in the world have just taken the opportunity to smear the entire Church and to question the relevance of faith in Christ in society, even questioning whether to boycott our National Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

For the little ones who have suffered at the hands of these ministers, I pray that God's healing will be on you, and all victims of abuse.

I pray that you will see and know that the abuse that you have experienced is the work of Satan, and not of God. I pray that God will guide you to Himself and that you will find solace in Him and find true believers to support you towards positive growth.

To the perpetrators of sex crimes, I pray that you will sincerely repent. You have been a stumbling block, not only to the abuse victims, but you have fed the fuel of scepticism of Christ.