Mon | Feb 19, 2018

OCG report will lack credibility

Published:Friday | January 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


A 2011 exchange of published letters between then Contractor General Greg Christie and me (concerning the Office of the Contractor General's "slip showing" and application of the "golden rule") reminds me that I have long been interested in, and willing to engage, the formidable OCG, et al, on the subject of guilt/condemnation by innuendo, especially through suggestive and generally unsubstantiated and seemingly authoritative, but often misleading, public questioning of the motives and intent of targeted persons/entities.

This is the basis upon which I find myself empathising with those now wondering about the objective of a whole series of recent comments, questions, and innuendos expressed by the current contractor general Dirk Harrison on matters related to Caricel and associates, as well as to the 'sins of omission' by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, et al, in relation to the controversial pre-election $600,000,000 bush-clearing and road-repair project.

Having been joined early in the unsupported innuendo game by important foreign 'links', Mr Harrison more recently raised further dark questions about due-diligence processes and the registration of names at the Companies Office and more.

Then he ominously predicted that his upcoming report on the bush-clearing project would make "interesting reading". This, after revealing his concerns/

fears/suspicions about the Government's intentions, and his likely personal fate, arising from the impending merger of major counter-corruption entities, including (or not) the OCG.

Seemingly objective and timely responses to Mr Harrison's merger comments, from former Contractor General Greg Christie and from Prime Minister Holness and Justice Minister Delroy Chuck and Opposition Senator Mark Golding and National Integrity Action head, Dr Trevor Munroe, appear to have left Mr Harrison marooned, surrounded by his own fears and suspicions

No doubt, his report will still be "extremely interesting". But how credible will that report be?


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