Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Divest teachers' colleges

Published:Saturday | January 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


It is my view that the Jamaican Government ought to get out of tertiary education and leave it to the free market. This is necessary because the annual recurrent expenditure is unable to sustain the continued operation of these institutions, and their annual deficit is on the rise.

It is no secret that the cost of financing government-owned and operated tertiary teacher-training institutions has skyrocketed to the extent that it is no longer feasible to keep them in operation using our tax dollars.

Furthermore, these institutions are unable to attract managerial technocrats with the knowledge and expertise required to move these colleges into the digital age.

Teacher-training institutions such as The Mico University College, and Shortwood and Sam Sharpe teachers' colleges should be privatised and a governmental subsidy or stipend be awarded to needy students based on their academic performance.


Springfield, St Elizabeth