Sat | Nov 17, 2018

Boyne’s crime cure callous

Published:Wednesday | February 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Like Ian Boyne, I, too, am alarmed by the increase in violence and am also in search of an appropriate response by the State.

However, demonising an already marginalised group, hostage to public opinion and violence, or promoting the curtailment of their rights through coercion tactics under the guise of fear is disheartening.

Mr Boyne, until you have been a victim of state-administered violence, as when the police killed my brother Nakiea Jackson, I think your judgement will forever remain clouded and your anxieties or unease will promote desperate measures.

Collaboration works. It engenders trust and solidarity and provides a sense of validation - reinforcing that these individuals are important at the macro level, and have a role to play in society. It reminds them that their input is needed, not just their votes.

Additionally, I await the positive correlation between long-term crime control and these tougher approaches you earnestly advocate, which undermine the lives of others without regard for human dignity and sanctity.