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What is Peter Phillips' political philosophy?

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Allow me space in your paper to theorise Peter Phillips' political philosophy.

When Portia Simpson departs from the People's National Party leadership, we ought to know that the last remnant of a true socialist will have left the political scene. Peter Bunting and Peter Phillips are more neoliberals than socialist. I heard Peter Phillips in government and I heard him on Tuesday in parliament. There is not much difference between his economic philosophy and the Jamaica Labour Party's. thus, the issue will not be about philosophy or economic orientation, but who better manages the neoliberal policy and how it is less burdensome to the poor.

If Trump and Republicans can move away from the concept of world interconnectedness to America first, then I believe the time is ripe for the Caribbean to create a hybrid political economy that will put the Caribbean first and the rest after!

Peter Phillips must tell us what his political economic orientation is, and if he is not against a tax refund, then why does he have comrades criticising the policy? Also, Phillips must explain the IMF policy of indirect taxation and to what extend he agrees with it. We must know the pros and cons of moving towards indirect taxation and how this will affect the informal economy the pensioners, the unemployed, the taxi drivers, the loadermen, the conductors, the market vendors, the ladies of the night, and the hustlers.

A system of indirect taxation will certainly increase the cost of living for those in the informal economies. So, if Peter Phillips does agree with tax refund and a neoliberal IMF push towards indirect taxes, then what is the difference between him and the JLP?

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