Tue | Jan 23, 2018

Grant's time as first female police chief

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Jamaica Constabulary Force has come a long way since its establishment in 1867, when only men were enlisted to keep rebellious subjects in check. It took 97 years, almost a century, before women were allowed to join. Three females, Sylvia Myers, Florence Nelson and Iris Tulloch, joined in 1949.

Sixty-eight years later, there is an opportunity for Jamaica to appoint Novelette Grant as the first female commissioner. I am not advocating that selection of the new commissioner should be made based on gender or association, but should take into consideration the current realities and the best person to bring about sustainable change.




Various sector leaders have stated the desired characteristics and qualifications the next commissioner must possess include toughness, objectivity, fairness, accountability, integrity, and excellent communication skills.

The new commissioner will be expected to drastically reduce the current levels of crime and violence, decrease the high attrition rate, boost morale, engender trust, and inspire and motivate colleagues to give of their best. With all that is required, it seems they are looking for Superwoman or the Messiah.