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Letter of the Day | Parking dilemma at Mandeville PO

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The following letter was sent to the secretary-manager of the Manchester Municipal Corporation on January 5, 2017 and may be of interest to your readers.

Dear Sir,

Yesterday, January 4, I went to the Mandeville Post Office, and since parking inside that area was hopelessly congested, I, a senior citizen, parked in one of the spots reserved for the elderly, outside of Star Grill restaurant.

When I exited the post office, I discovered that my vehicle had been clamped. The notice on my windshield advised that I could pay the $2,500 fee at Star Grill. This I promptly (but reluctantly) did, and in doing so, I discovered that they also issued parking tickets at that location!

When your agents arrived to unclamp my vehicle, I enquired from them where I should have purchased a parking ticket and how I would have known where to go. They directed me to the 'No Parking' signs, but none of them indicate where tickets could be purchased! They did not really seem to know where the tickets were sold, and they had to agree that some sign should have been posted. They told me that they have had to be complaining to the council about this for some time.

I then drove over to the municipal corporation offices to lodge my complaint about this irregular, and possibly illegal, practice. The secretary there conveyed my concerns to the manager of the Services Division. She was in a meeting and could not meet with me, but sent word that:

1) She was aware of the situation;

2) That the matter should have been addressed, but someone had failed to do so;

3) That she was going to fast-track the required signs; BUT

4) She could not entertain my request for a refund.

My request to speak with you failed, as you were reportedly out of town on business, and the mayor was not available either.

I am concerned about the system you have in place and suggest that immediate action be taken to advise motorists where these parking tickets can be purchased. You can hardly expect an elderly person or anyone else to wander around Race Course in search of a parking ticket. Chances are they would be clamped before they find one and get back to the vehicle. Until this is done, I suggest you discontinue this practice.

In the interest of justice, please advise me when and where I can collect my refund of this unjust levy.

On Wednesday, January 11. I received a call from someone claiming to be the mayor. He rather brusquely asked my age and if I was telling the truth. He then promised to get back to me in 24 hours. Well, today is now 24 days on, and the 'mayor' has not got back to me yet. Furthermore, the sign which was to be "fast-tracked" is not yet visible anywhere near the post office/Star Grill parking spots.