Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Put at-risk boys under JDF wings

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


We endorse the proposal put forward by the Rev Donald J. Reece in his Letter of the Day on February 1, 2017 titled 'Use army to resocialise at-risk boys'. His suggestion needs to be implemented.

Take these young men and (young women) out of their boredom and give them strict training, purpose, direction, and goals in life. Educate them in various fields and encourage them to become useful contributors to our society. There is a treasure trove of latent talent and potential languishing in our inner cities.




The army receives a sizable amount of financial input from the Government. It turns out a respectable, educated and disciplined force that is underutilised.

There are so many ways the army's service could be more useful: in schools, on the road, as examples. When the young soldiers hike through the hills passing my home, I always suggest that they carry shovels, not rifles.

Let this well-organised, disciplined, respectable, highly trained pillar of our country be proactive. Training is key for all young people.

These at-risk youngsters need direction, meaningful goals, care, and a future to aspire to. The Jamaica Defence Force is the organisation to deliver these needs to our young people who have been left on the fringes and neglected for one reason or another.



Maryland, St Andrew