Wed | Feb 21, 2018

Trump hasn't kept every promise

Published:Tuesday | February 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


With regard to Ian Boyne's statement in his column 'Trump-phobia grips the world (Sunday Gleaner, February 5, 2017), "Remember, the American people voted for exactly what Trump is doing now. He has not sneaked up anything on them. He is - unlike most politicians - implementing exactly what he promised on the campaign trail", I would like to point to one exception thus far.

Among the statements and promises tirelessly reiterated by Mr Trump, day in, day out, when he campaigned for president, was this: "NATO is obsolete. Nobody needs NATO. I will not support NATO. When I'm president, America will leave NATO."

Just over a week ago, following a short conversation with Theresa May, all of a sudden Mr Trump changed his mind. He now fully supports NATO. While this is the sensible thing to do, I doubt that Mr Trump is dealing with the matter reasonably. He most likely just acted on a whim, and I'm afraid he is going to act whimsically many more times in the future