Sat | Jul 21, 2018

Crime not a partisan matter

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I have to confess that I have not studied the latest crime plan espoused by the Government last week. However, like all Jamaicans, I hope it is going to make a significant difference in trying to tame this seemingly unstoppable monster.

But without even reading what has been published, there was again one element that was, in my opinion, conspicuously missing - a sense of national unity by both the Government and the Opposition.

Looking back from the mid to late 1960s when gun violence began to rear its ugly head, we have seen numerous crime plans rolled out by the incumbent government, and right after, it appears that the Opposition had been waiting in ambush to punch holes in whatever was announced.

Throughout the life of EVERY government, the opposition spokesperson on crime has always had better ideas, or so they always claim.

So, since both claim to have an interest in drastically reducing crime in this country, why don't they put away their orange and green blinkers and sit down together and agree on a plan, instead of just sniping away at each other while the criminals laugh in our faces?

Most politically partisan readers have probably stopped reading this letter by now, but does the Government and the Opposition know the message they would send to the rest of us if it was announced that both sides had seriously sat and considered and agreed on what was to be announced?

And how much more would that message have been underscored if the leader of the Opposition and the spokesperson on crime were prominently visible at last week's press conference?


St Mary