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We'll define sex as we see fit

Published:Monday | February 13, 2017 | 12:14 AM



The jurisprudence in Jamaica is sufficiently mature for our Parliament to word legal definitions without the assistance of the United Nations. Peoples everywhere reserve the right to make and word laws in keeping with their societies and culture.

And whereas it may be convenient, from a punitive perspective, for the public defender to gravitate towards the UN definition of "sexual intercourse as penetration of vagina, mouth or anus", it must be recognised that this definition breaks the intrinsic link between sexual intercourse and procreation - in other words, survival of the species. It is awkward to propound "that only one form of sexual intercourse - vaginal penetration"- leads to the creation of new life.

Again, the functional (and medical) link between humans and the animal world would be broken by the UN-proposed definition.

Sexual activity is understood in all its variety. However, the definition of 'intercourse' goes to the heart of the cycle of life and should remain as we have known it.


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